So, are you basically offering travel services?

No. Your travel agency can handle your travel logistics best. We are in the business of providing educational services. Primarily to Higher Education institutions, like Universities and Colleges, and also to schools from abroad. The value we bring is our involvement with designing together a curriculum or visit schedule tailored to your needs, which includes the best of what Greece can offer. We make sure your students visit the right organizations, talk to the right people, and we also contact Greek academics, Universities, companies, or startups tol enrich your students' learning experience.

What are your core services?

We primarily focus on: i) bespoke short educational visits, ii) summer and winter schools, iii) non-academic short programs around a professional area.

What is an immersion project?

An immersion project is an off-campus educational activity. They usually last a week or two, and are often carried out abroad. Immersion projects are very common for example in MBA programs.

Can't I set up a summer school or study visit in Greece on my own?

You can! But it would take much more effort and you would probably lose some points on impact. The Greek educational system is idiosynchratic, and it helps having someone on-site who can navigate the environment for you. At the same time, our network of academics and startups is umatched. We are thus in an advantageous position to design truly immersive study programs with you.

Which geographic areas in Greece do you cover?

All of them. We can support you with setting up your immersion project, academic field trip or summer school anywhere in Greece.

Our organization is not into Higher Education. Can you still help?

As long as there is an educational element in your field trip that needs designing, we can. Let's discuss!

What are subject areas you can help us with?

We can provide academic support on most areas. These include the classics; science; technology; economics; finance; shipping; management; and, of course, the Humanities.

What if you can't help with a specific subject area?

That's unlikely. Simply put, our network of Greek organizations, academics and startup connections runs very deep. Still, should that occasion arise, we will be able to provide you with guidance and directions on how to proceed with your venture. Naturally free of charge.

Can you help us with identifying or developing short Greek language learning visits?

Certainly. Contact us and we'll help set things up.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the extend and depth of our involvement. Every organization's educational scope and needs are different, and organizations come in all types and sizes. Our first sessions with you are absolutely free. During those, we will get to know each other and understand what your needs are and how we can help. Once we have established that, we will provide you with a quote. Our goal is to create long-term partnerships, and to create an experience you would love to offer again to your students.

Our institution does not need travel support as part of the package. Is that a problem?

Our focus is on the educational aspect of your visit to Greece. We will work with you on that component, your travel agency can handle the rest for you.

How is the covid-19 situation affecting short trips to Greece?

As long as your students can demonstrate that they are vaccinated, it is not a problem. During the summer months there are very few restrictions in place; during the rest of the year, a vaccination certificate plus mandatory use of masks in closed spaces is usually all that is required.

Sounds intriguing!

Let's talk! Email us at or use the button below, and we'll set up a first round of discussion. Completely free of charge.